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BS Icon Maker 1.1

BS Icon Maker is a professional icon software.

It's designed both for artist or someone who have not any drawing ability, by this icon maker, hand-drawing style icons can be created from a photo wizardly.

cartoon-like icon maker

It is easy to use, just load the photo, and then adjust the slider bars.

Make icon in cartoon-like

Anti-aliasing is an important tech for an icon maker, without this tech, we can't distinguish a 5 pixels width ellipse from a 5 pixels width round rectangle.

Icon maker: not Anti-AliasedIcon Maker: Anti-Aliased

BS Icon Maker provides anti-aliasing for graphics and text.

Sometimes, we need write text on icon, but the icon is too small to write enough characters, to write more characters, we have to write rotated text.

To write rotated text via BS Icon Maker is easy, you can rotate to any angle by dragging the handle.

Write rotated text in icon

Other Features:

  • BS Icon Maker includes an Icon Library Editing tool, by this tool you can create or edit ICL files. Far more than ICL file, this tool can extract icons from EXE, DLL, OCX and CPL files.
  • You can mix some icons to create a new icon by Icon Mixer. 
  • There are many effects and filters in this icon maker, such as Emboss, Blur, Prewitt Edges, Stroke, and Sharpen.
  • Previewable bucket tool.
  • BS Icon Maker provides a History Window. You can instantly undo or redo multiple steps with this window.
  • BS Icon Maker provides completely support for Windows Vista Icons and Windows XP Icons.

Icon gallery  Icon Gallery

BS Icon Maker v1.1 released

23 June, 2009
BS Icon Maker 1.1 released. It's a free upgrade for the registered users. This New Vision includes the following major changes:

  • Photo to icon convertor supports more formats: gif, png
  • Adds a reset button to reset the picture to the inital size and inital position
  • When icon editor window is active, allow cancel the text when press Del or ESC
  • More..